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Cover XP

If you like to print covers off for your cds and dvds then this great piece of free software could be for you as it allows you to simply drag and drop covers off a website into the program which will then print them off for you. You can even add your own text or images over the top of the original covers, the software is free to download and use, the only draw back is having to see ads displayed, other than that there are no limitations.

(Date Listed: Thu Nov 24 17:27:23 2011)

Print Maps Free

Mega Maps is a completely free download for use by students or teachers for the classroom. With this software you can print maps from 1 page to 64 pages in size making it possible to print a map that is over 6 feet across which is ideal for the classroom. The software can be used on a PC and on a MAC, check this site now to get your free Mega Maps download.

(Date Listed: Thu Nov 24 17:27:23 2011)

Create PDFs For Free

With this invaluable piece of software you can create and print your own PDF files. Also available from the same web page is their Signature995 software which allows you encrypt your files and add digital signatures to them for complete security.

(Date Listed: Thu Nov 24 17:27:23 2011)

Adobe - Reader 9

Essential for PDF files, Adobe Reader 9 is the latest version of Adobes free software that will allow you to view, edit and print all your PDF files.

(Date Listed: Thu Sep 10 16:23:25 2009)

Diagram Designer

If you usually use diagrams, charts and flowcharts in printing your reports, you can use this simple but efficient software tool where you can easily create simple graphics so that all you have to do is to type in your entries to the charts and print away!

(Date Listed: Thu Jan 1 01:00:00 1970)

Print Anywhere

****SITE DOWN******This extremely useful piece of software will allow you to print photos or documents on other peoples printers and it is just as easy as printing off your own printer. As long as the other computer is connected to the internet the powerful software will configure everything for you and allow you to print directly onto a friends printer.

(Listed On Thu Nov 24 17:27:23 2011)

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