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Email Notification
Eprompter is a free email notification and retrieval program that has been rated as one of the top ten best free internet software by CNET. With this very handy program you can be notified of emails received in any of up to 16 email accounts and you can view, delete or respond to any email without even launching your email client. Take a look at the website to see the full range of features that are available with this great piece of free email software.
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Mail Com
Sign up for your free email account only on Mail Com! Obtain free email addresses which come with a variety of features including, unlimited storage, mobile access and superior antivirus protection. All you have to do is to create your own email account - it is absolutely free!
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The IncrediMail email software package is completely free and allows you to send fun emails with beautiful backgrounds, any of thousands of emoticons, funny animations and cool sounds. The software comes complete with lots of unique fonts, a spellchecker, handwritten signatures, animations, emoticons and much more.
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Pegasus Mail
Popular free email client that has been developed over many years, and has an active user base. Available for Windows, DOS and Macintosh. the Internet's longest-serving PC e-mail system, and for the Mercury Mail Transport System, comprehensive range of Internet Mail Server products. Pegasus Mail and Mercury are free products, dedicated to serving all who need them.
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Eudoraź 7 Email Delivers
Eudora 7 is a new version of the popular email software for Windows users. Mac Eudora is available in version 6.2. Version 7 introduces Ultra-Fast Search. Results are now 20-100's of times faster than before. The new features of Eudora 7 will help you better manage your email and increase productivity.Also new, in Eudora 7 is BossWatch, a feature that alerts you to the presence of designated addresses in the To or Cc fields. IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) users will enjoy greatly increased performance as well as increased off-line capabilities. For enterprise users, Eudora 7 adds SMIME (Secure Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions) plug-in capability.
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