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Artist Direct

Shop for new music at the Artist Direct website where they also offer a range of free music downloads and lots of music videos and pictures which you can view. You will also find the latest music and entertainment news on their site.

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Itunes Shopping

Get yourself an Ipod if you do not already have one and then go to the iTunes store where you can shop for music, apps, movies and more using your computer. They have tons of free stuff including lots of very useful free apps, you can also watch a lot of tv episodes for free using your Ipod.

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Royalty Free Music

Opuzz has a selection of royalty free music available. You can also purchase and download music cds. Shipping is free to anywhere in the world.

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Free Online Music

If you are looking to buy music online, you should take a look at this website here as they have a lot of information on music shopping and online music stores.

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