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Insurance Help & Advice

If you go to the This is Money website you will find tons of free insurance advice and help which could help you to choose which car to buy and the type of insurance you should take out on it. You can also find free help and advice on other types of insurance like home insurance, pet insurance, life insurance and more.

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U Switch

Here at U Switch you will find that cheap car insurance does exist, they have seen reports of cheapest car insurance quotes as low as 96p a year for comprehensive cover. Click on this website now to stop paying premium and start paying less, make the switch now!!

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Direct Line

Direct Line are offering 52 days free car insurance when you take out a comprehensive policy with them for your car insurance. Get yourself a free quote online or give them a call, if you take out your policy online with them you can even get a further 15% reduction in the cost.

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At the askMID website you can do a search which will not cost you a penny to check to see if your vehicle is registered as being insured on the Motor Insurance Database which is what the police use to determine whether cars are insured or not. If you ever get stopped by the police because your vehicle has been flagged as having no insurance, they have the power to seize your vehicle so it pays to be sure you are on the database.

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Money Supermarket

At the Money Supermarket website you can obtain and compare free quotes from most of the top car insurance providers. Why waste time searching for a low quote when you can just enter all your details just once on this website and get quoted by over 100 different companies and be able to compare the best offers at a glance.

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