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DIY Network
If you go to the DIY Network website you will find a set of instructions that will show you step by step with easy to follow instructions and pictures on how to build your own garden arbor. Use their Easy Project Finder to find other arbor projects that you may prefer.
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Several Trellis And Arbor Plans (Articles)
This article gives you instructions to create a simple arbor. The author gives you information about the tools required to construct an arbor. He also gives you tips in choosing plants for the arbor. He has listed the materials required item wise and quantity wise for the construction. There is even a drawing of a building plan and each step of the construction explained step by step.
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Making An Easy Arbor (Article)
This article explains the steps involved in creating an arbor where advanced skills are necessary. The author even walks you through the security aspects, safety related aspects and gives pictorial examples of a few possible problems you could face during and after the construction. He gives you an idea about the help you have to get in completing the project as well as the detailed list and quantity of products needed. He gives you step-by-step instructions in completing the project with the help of multiple building plans from different angles.
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How To Build An Entry Arbor (Article)
The author starts off by differentiating between an arbor and a pergola. Next he gives you an exact idea of the lumber requirements for the construction. His plans include front view, side view and a 3-D view too. The steps involved in the actual construction are described with the help of multiple photographs as well as step-by-step instructions. He instructs you from digging holes and concreting the posts in, cutting and trenching the posts through positioning the rafters in the last step.
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Do It Yourself Arbor Plans (Pdf)
This article starts by giving you the details of the right kind of screws, nails, glue, paint and wood needed for the construction of the arbor. Then the author goes in to the list of materials required for the construction. He added a very useful FAQ answers section in the article as well. Now the article gives safety precautions to be taken as well as the ways in disposing of waste generated from the construction.
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