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Welcome to Kitguy, is a do it yourself step by step instruction website. The site is filled with step by step assembly, navigation tips for everything you wish you could build at home. Browse through the tools and plans section and get your work underway with Kitguy!
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DIY Loft Conversion
If you are considering converting your loft into a usable space for an extra bedroom perhaps or an office in your home then you should visit this website here. At DIY Loft Conversions website you will find all the help and advice you need, they will tell you about all the things you should consider such as health and safety issues, the cost, heating and more and all of their advice is free.
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Ultimate Handyman
Check out the Ultimate Handyman website for lots of free help and advice on all your DIY projects and home improvements. With more than a thousand pages of tips, advice and more you are sure to find the information you are looking for and if you cannot find what you are looking for you can sign up for free on their forum where you can post your request for information about your specific DIY task.
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From wallpaper and home decorating all the way to plumbing and central heating, if you are interested in saving yourself some money in your home fix-er-upper, then look no further than this web site for many do-it-yourself how-to articles and information on a plethora of home projects.
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Woodworking Plans
If you are looking for plans for your next woodworking project, why not check out this site today. They feature a plethora of free woodworking plans that cover almost any type of woodworking project. Why not make that next piece of furniture for your home with your own two hands using one of these free woodworking plans.
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DIY Doctor
For a full range of information, tutorials and how-tos on the do-it-yourself home projects. In this site, you will find lots of information on almost any home do-it-yourself project. You can even find specialists and cheap tools in your area to help you with your project.
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Build Eazy
From free plans to paid plans and from adult woodworking projects to projects designed for the child do-it-yourselfer, you have found the right site. Build Eazy has it all, so why not stop by and see what their website has to offer.
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Free D'I'Y Toolkit ###### Are you looking to help fix the planet Why not start with this site's free fix the planet do-it-yourself kit. This site offers a free kit that includes stickers, a mug as well as a shower timer to help you save our planet's most precious resource, water.
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