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Olympic Fun For Children

Olympic fever is here. Help your children understand about the olympics and the medals that can be won, 6 fun games and activities for the children to take part in, snacks that can eaten to create the atmosphere.

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Online Olympic Games

At this website they have almost 100 different Olympic themed games that you can play for free. They are flash or shock wave games and can be played in your browser without the need to download anything, other than the plug ins needed for your browser.

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Ski Jumping Game

Candystand is a great website packed full of great games that you can play instantly online in your browser. This particular game is great fun and is the official ski jumping game of the 2010 winter olympics and it is absolutely free to play for as long as you want.

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Free Olympic Games

This website is soley dedicated to hosting free olympic games and they have a huge selection of them so if you are a fan of olympic games give this website a look, you will not be disappointed.

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Free Games For Kids

This site has been designed for children and teachers. It has a nice selection of olympic games which can be played for free and a lot of very useful information about the olympics.

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Stickman Olympics

At mouse breaker you can play a great flash game called Stickman Olympics for free. So if you like events such as long jump, hurdles and javelin throwing why not check out this free game now.

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