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Solitaire Games For Amiga And PC

It consists of wonderful games of solitaire. Here FreeCell, spider, Klondike, Memo, Yukon, golf and much more games are found. There are many themes for the games such as erotic, animals, celebs, landscapes, flowers, cars, buildings, art and cartoons. There is a collection of free solitaire games. The most beautiful card sets are available here for playing games. The playing cards which are well known in Amiga scene are called Reko Card sets. Here all downloads are absolutely free.

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Kids Card Games

Kids love card games whether its a two player game or a game the entire family can play together. This page lists the top 7 card games for children, including brief instructions on how to play. Most of the games have dedicated pages, which are linked in case you want more information.

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Everyone enjoys playing card games, this card game is fun and you can play as many players as you like, its free and easy.

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The Card Shell (Macintosh)

The card shell game is available in two volumes vol1 and vol2. The card shell vol1 is first in series of solitaire game. Vol1 is one of the first four games which were developed with the framework of new card game called card shell. All the graphics having 60 background patterns and 40 pack designs were used. On the other hand, card shell vol2 is the second in the series of solitaire game. It includes three difficult games. Both require system 6.0.5 and color quickdraw.

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