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Opentype (Introduction 1)

Opentype contains a collection of Type 1 and TrueType font formats. Also it provides you with some amazing features. Its best part is that it is backward compatible with the applications that hold above mentioned fonts and facilitate you to mix other font formats with OpenType Fonts easily.

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Opentype (Introduction 2)

Open type has been developed by Microsoft and Adobe. It is a cross platform format of font file. Adobe type library has been changed to this format by Adobe. Open Type is just an extension of True Type SFNT format. Open Type format has some benefits like its ability to sustain widespread layout features and characters sets and its cross platform compatibility. The layout features provide advanced control of topography and also supports rich language.

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The Free Font

This has a database that consists of over 55,000 fonts opentype, TrueType, postscript type 1 typefaces. You can easily use Font FX and Button Maker software provided by them. Texts effects can be previewed at the same instant and can be re-edited at any time you want.

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Fonts Log

Download free open-type fonts from Fonts Log! Considered to hold one of the largest databases on open-type fonts, Fonts Log features free fonts for Windows and Mac. The website holds more than 30,000 free fonts in its collection. Some of the free font categories include animation, holidays, art, science, comic, exotic and kiddy!

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Mikes Sketchpad

If you are looking for a website that offers free open type fonts for either a PC or a MAC then take a look at Mike's Sketchpad website, where he has an archive of free fonts. Here you can browse through loads of open type fonts and truetype fonts for both the PC and the MAC and all of them are free and can be downloaded from the website.

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