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Follow Up Then

Follow Up Then is a fast, simple and free email reminder for busy folks out there! Clear out your inbox and forward emails to Follow Up Then. This is your #1 easy email reminder and it is absolutely free! Considered one of the most efficient reminders on the market, it is safe and secure and easy to use.

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Birthday Alarm

Are you always forgetting someones birthday or you remember too late and dont have time to send a card If you sign up as a member at the Birthday Alarm website this wont happen anymore as you will receive an email reminding you of birthdays you have added to your account. You can even send an ecard from their selection of over a hundred different designs and styles. You can also use their free invite and party planning tools.

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Free Email Reminders

Using this free software you will not forget a Birthday or an appointment again. If you need to be reminded about an important meeting somewhere then this could be ideal for you.

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Memo To Me

This very useful piece of software will ensure that you never forget an important date again. You can use it at home and at work. Be reminded of all those dates which are so important by using this email reminder software and best of all it is free.

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Web Calendar

Get this free web calendar! It acts as your personal reminder to your schedule as well. You don't have to jot down your activities on your wall calendar any longer. With this web-based calendar you can access your daily schedule whenever there is internet access!

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Tunes Tracker

tool for iTunes Music Store addicts. It will search the iTunes Music Store daily for your favorite artists, composers, and songs, and send you an e-mail when iTMS adds songs that match. (See a sample e-mail message.) Or, you can get your updates via RSS or on the web. More details are in the FAQ.

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Remind Time

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