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Useful Sites

Information Source

Shell LiveWIRE is the UK's biggest community on the internet for young entrepreneurs who are looking to start or already running their own business. You can register there for free and gain access to all the information you could possibly need to run a successful business.

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The Princes Trust

The Princes Trust is a great way to start up your own Business and if you are between the ages of 18-30 then they can help you with mentoring, finances, Business plans and a 4 day course that will help you understand everything about the business sector. So why waste time working for someone else when you can be your own boss Click here now and find out if you are eligible to start your dream Business!

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Business Is Great

So if youre ready to start a business, this free website will give you all the advice you need, the site is run by the HM Government and they will help you step by step. So click on this website now and become a business owner..Good Luck!!

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Business Startup

At the Business Startup website you can request free tickets to the The Business Show, find information on all the free business startup seminars and on each of the free workshops which include a web design workshop, business planning workshop and a marketing workshop. Sign up now for your chance to attend these seminars and workshops for free.

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Free Internet Course

If you are thinking about starting your own business then you should take a look at this website. It offers a free internet course that you can take which will help you with your project. Even if you are already running a small business you should take the time to do this course as it could help you to avoid making mistakes that others have made.

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Small Business Help

Free advice and tips on starting and running a small business in the UK from marketing to finance and internet to banking.

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