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Pet Smile

Free goody bag - Felix Dentapaw for your cat

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Free Whiskas Kitten Care Advice

On the Whiskas website you will find a guide to everything you need to know about bringing up kittens, from healthcare and nutrition to what to do in an emergency.

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Free Cat Toolbar

I Love Cats offers a free toolbar, a site to bring happiness to all cat lovers. Easily access cat games, screensavers, wallpapers, videos and much more. You can also use the toolbar to quickly find other cat places on the internet.

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Cats For Adoption

Want a warm lap from a cat go to this free site. See the variety of cats to choose from all characters with a lot to share. Kittens, mature and feral are all available in your area.

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Cat Advice

Cat Advice is a UK based website, offering cat expert advice, cat tips and professional care on all aspects of cat ownership. A free advice website, Cat Advice contains cat care articles and free health tips from a panel of specialists advisors. Some of the topics covered on the website include, cat behavior, health, nutrition, breeds and illnesses.

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Total Cat Magazine

Check out this site for a chance to be one of the 20,000 cat lovers that can claim a free gift subscription to their Total Cat Magazine. Packed full of tips, cat health advice, nutritional guides, cat product reviews and more all cat lovers will benefit from this great offer so sign up for free now.

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Kitten List

At the Kitten List website you can advertise any cats or kittens you have for sale on their site for free. You can also advertise for free if you are looking for a particular type of cat or kitten.

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Trophy Pet Foods

By going to this website you can order up to 3 free samples of cat food for your favourite pet. The food they supply is a complete pet food and they also offer a whole range of different services for pet owners including microchipping and some free nutritional advice.

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