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Bird Tricks

Are you looking to build a bond with your bird Visit Bird Tricks and check out one of the best parrot training courses conducted by Dave and Chet. Learn how to bond with birds through their parrot taming techniques, even with untamed parrots. The goal of Bird Tricks is to help people create emotional ties with their beautiful birds!

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Free RSPB Wildlife Fun Book

It's full of brilliant pictures, things to make and do, fantastic games and loads of info about birds and other wildlife.

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Garden Bird

Free garden bird feeding guide and catalogue and a free bird food sample

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Free Handbook Of Garden Wildlife

Handbook of Garden Feeding, packed with informative and helpful advice on how to safely encourage wildlife into your garden, FREE from CJ WildBird Foods

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Free Bird Houseplans

if you enjoy keeping birds as pets, you will need to house them, which in turn requires that you have houseplans. Free Bird Houseplans offers you just that, which includes building birdhouse tips, bird house suggestions, bird food shelters and much more!

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All About Birds

Welcome to All About Birds! The site is your online guide to bird tips and tricks. Download your top five bird songs absolutely free. The site features a wealth of information on how to raise your bird and how to go bird watching. This is a great site for the avid bird fan and watcher!

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Bird Feeder Plans

Check out this very useful site if you are thinking about getting a bird table for your garden. By going to this website you can learn how to build your own bird table which will not cost you anything except your time and use of a few items about your household.

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Free Tips From The BBC

Sixty ways to treat your birds right!

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Free Birdtime Magazine

*****SITE DOWN*******If you want to know more about proper bird care and the different breeds of birds, take advantage of this free trial issue subscription of Bird Times Magazine at absolutely no cost! Get a good read and take care of your pets the right way.

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