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Our site has evolved over the last couple of years thanks to our visitors and we are constantly improving the navigation of this site for user experience we want our visitors to like this site and we want our visitors to keep coming back, at the time of writing we are receiving over 400,000 visitors a month, of these 2500 visitors every day are unique, and a large proportion of returning visits were from people who appreciate these navigational improvements, we do not mind sharing this traffic with you but you must adhere to our policies.

If you are applying to add your website to this directory please be sure to read our Acceptable Use Policy and adhere to the terms and conditions otherwise your application may be rejected. As each submission is checked manually please allow up to 36 hours (at least) for your link to be published before contacting us or applying again. The email address that you give us will only be used to contact you and will not be used for any other purpose.

To list your site for free on please adhere to the following rules:

  • You have read our policies and terms
  • The content on your website has not been designed to capture revenue from the traffic that this site may send to your website.
  • Please do not submit your site if it is still under construction.
  • Your website has something to offer for free to our visitors.
  • Please submit your website to the relevant category.
  • We will not list any adult sites or sites with illegal content on them.
  • The Editor has the final say on what is acceptable.
  • Be aware of our voting system, the sites listed at the top of the page have been voted for the most by our visitors.
  • When linking to us be sure to place our link on the same page that you are asking us to link to.

To list your site as a sponsorsed listing:

Contact us with your full details and tell us which section you would like your listing to appear in.
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